Marc Malsegna

Guitarist Violinist Composer

2/6/18 - Double hitter today in NYC! 8pm at the Shrine, and 10pm at Silvana. Playing some fusion with my good friends Max Gerl and Chris Andersen! 

2/5/18- Jazz Trio gig at Maison in Harlem!! 

2/4/18- Just got back from a busy weekend playing with Billboard charting rock band Granny 4 Barrel in upstate NY! Now playing Broadway at School of Rock today at 2pm, then shooting a music cover video with Kristin Corpuz. 

1/28/18- Busy week at NAMM! Great to see my family at ChickenPicks Guitar picks and Chris Campbell guitars/Rockbox Electronics. Got to play and record some demos. Great to see all my friends and reconnect with old friends! 

1/22/18 - Los Angeles bound! Heading to the NAMM show! 

1/3/18 - My first gig of 2018 is playing in the pit for School of Rock on Broadway! Great way to start the new year. 

12/6/17- Had a great time performing my original music at The Gateway in Brooklyn!! Glad to have my amazing band here in NY with me. Max Gerl on Bass and Demitrio Albano on Drums. 

11/26/17- First Broadway show in the books! Currently subbing in the pit for the School Of Rock  show on Broadway in NYC! More shows to come!

8/10/17- Im getting ready to finish up my contract playing for Luminosity here at  Cedar Point. We only have 10 more days of doing the show.   Working on some cool video edits of  the show but you can check my Instagram feed for the most current video and pics of the show. Gearing up to to move to NYC right after this contract is over. Cant wait! 


5/23/17- Im here just outside Cleveland Ohio starting my Summer Contract at Cedar Point playing Lead Guitar for the production of Luminosity! The show will run 6 days a week. We play all sorts of pop, EDM, and classic rock music with singers, dancers, aerialist and of course musicians. During the show I will be flying over the audience while soloing so stay tuned for pics and video! 


01/15/17 - Hey guys I got some incredibly exciting news to share since finishing Berklee last month! I will be hitting the road with the professional production of "Rockin Road To Dublin" as the lead guitar player on the second half of their national tour. The show fuses traditional Irish music and Rock and Roll with dancing. We will be touring up and down the east coast and southern states playing in over 30 cities until April! Keep an eye out if I will be in a city near you! would love to see some familiar faces! So stoked to hit the road!


5/9/16 - As I'm gearing up for summer, I would like to share with you guys this amazing video edit of one or my original compositions "Astoria". I will be uploading more videos edits from this performance over the next few weeks so stay tuned. Hope you enjoy! 

1/15/16 - Been writing lots of new music over the last few weeks, more updates on that later. Now I am getting ready head out to the NAMM show in Anaheim California. Hope to see lots of familiar faces out there!

1/10/16 - I was digging through some old videos and I came across this solo from a recital I did last semester at Berklee with Tiger Okoshi's group on a tune called Bubble Dance.

1/2/16 - Heres a video clip of one of my original tunes at my recital at Berklee. This is the same band that will be playing with me on my senior recital in March. Stay tuned!